Loomis, CA – Applimotion’s ULT Series get even larger through holes. Driven by customer demand and new applications in camera vision. Loomis, CA – Applimotion’s ULT Series now offers some of the thinnest radial cross-section motors available. Whether its an optics application. Applimotion’s ULT, UTH, and UTS motor kits can be integrated into a customized assembly with high-resolution encoders and precision.

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The assemblies combine precision gearing and direct Direct Drive Frameless Kits.

The unique rotary stage is a customizable, hollow shaft Precision, Accuracy and Resolution of a direct drive rotary stage packaged in a standard motor frame See Supplier Page. Download a Line Card. Four types to choose from: Direct Drive Frameless Motors Permanent magnet three phase ring type, low profile, direct drive motors with large through hole.

Applimotion is now offering interior permanent magnet IPM versions of these motor kits extending capabilities to new applications. Built using state-of-the art magnetic designs, the Javelin Series delivers appliomtion acceleration and high speeds in compact, lightweight form factors As the original platform for Applimotion direct drive frameless motors, the ULT series offer a large through hole and low profile construction.

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Combining all available motor types with customer driven mechanical requirements, Applimotion produces hundreds of different motor components and component based actuator solutions. The corporate name change represents our parent company’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation and excellence. The company is now adding value supplying complete assemblies similar to the picture above with Applimotion motor kits inside to these same customers. You have all made me realize that there are options to the obvious solution to problems.


Many hub-centric applications benefit from an outside rotating motor construction. Suited for fine positioning applications, product supports multiple options for encoder resolutions as well See Supplier Page Features: These IPM frameless motor kits cover sizes from 44 mm to Driven by customer demand and new applications in camera vision systems, Applimotion now offers some of the For years OEM customers have routinely In today’s changing environment, traditional motor suppliers, system integrators and distributors are not adding the value they once did.

Combining Applimotion frameless direct drive motor technology with customer applimotiin motor requirements. These motor allow the customer flexibility of a large through hole Considered one of the best motor constructions for many years, Applimotion has leveraged already proven motor technology as the basis for this new family of direct drive motors.

The UTO series direct drive motors are designed to operate either direct drive low speed requirement or high speed spindle type applications. Applimotion brings design and technical support to a new level.


Applimotion introduces new models of its UTS Slotless frameless direct drive motors expanding covering sizes from 12 mm diameter to mm diameter.

Precision Motion Systems Combining Applimotion frameless direct drive motor technology with customer driven motor requirements. For the ultimate in smooth operation when scanning or positioning, the UTS Series Slotless motors offer zero cogging and sinusoidal torque angle curves.

Custom High Torque Gear Motors.


High vacuum applications employ laser welded, helium leak tested, stainless housings. Keeping with tradition, large through holes and low qpplimotion pancake construction allow them to fit into tight spots. Wide Range of Diameters – From 29 mm to mm. Direct Drive Frameless Motors. These motors are a unique blend of good performance and price and cover many applications.

Applimotion Products | New Equipment Digest

Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Precision Hollow Shaft Stage.

LARC Motors As a hybrid cross between linear motors, axial air gap motors, and rotary motors, the LARC Series covers many applications for limited angle motion at large diameters to low profile turret rotation.