SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SAP PP/DS) is used for short -term planning with exact times in the production provide an overview. Production planning in APO-PP/DS uses the same processes that are familiar from the SAP ECC system. It is based on master data records, specifically plants . Heuristics are methods for matching supply and demand. Heuristics exist in both SNP and PPDS. However, in SNP you.

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It also comes with a Fiori based apps for monitoring capacity and a gantt based production scheduling board. Init additionally comes with a Fiori app for Shift maintenance.

But you need to install integrated live cache with HANA data base. The HANA version of the quick sizer provides help to size your live cache memory requirements. This needs to be additionally installed preferably in a separate hardware. Improvements are made in following topics. It is recommended that all downstream materials should be Advanced Planning-relevant if planned together with MRP Live. Most of the Order and batches are always enabled to be integrated once a material is classified as Advanced Planning.

Production order onlyuncheck unnecessary items. This means you are exactly doing automatically what CCR is doing. It could be also achieved in the source system before migration.

This can effect standard support for. Its important to note that the mapping is done with a redirect CDS view plds is also have no option to change standard mapping, event though the product master can be extensible with new fields.

I recommend to verify the standard mapping and see if this is matching with you modelling blue print before implementation. Few major ones are below. Below items defaults values are used. Automatic Propagation is not desirable. There is no standard way to have product at customer and vendor locations. This will impact you if non supported processes like VMI is used. An alternative to evaluate would be to model customer and vendor locations as storage location MRP area, if modelling is made ppde a way that only one plant is supplying to customer or vendor locations.

With this it would be still possible to have visibility on the customer or vendor locations.


Locations corresponding to Storage location MRP areas location type and subcontracting MRP areas location ppvs are planned before planning the corresponding plant locations MRP live.

You will have to adopt you business process to achieve this. Subcontracting is only supported with rough cut planning. So a finite appo of subcontractor is not possible. In case it is needed to have finite scheduling model for subcontracting some work around like below could be evaluated.

PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA (Advanced Planning) : A powerful planning and scheduling tool | SAP Blogs

A solution could be designed with a dedicated storage location for each Subcontractor, a routing with 2 operations, one with external key just for PR creation and one with fake internal key for resource capacity management and order scheduling. Spots and user exits removed, especially true for areas in. Spots and user exits are available. Skip planning MRP areas and only Plant locations. Also for a consistent result, it requires the orders in liveCache to have the same components as that of the PP orders.

But there are few options to help.

Please communicate with your SAP contacts for details ppde this. This is to prevent aop corruption. Maintenance orders creating downtimes in the production scheduling board should be already supported.

You mentioned that combined orders are now supported mainly Mill industries. Great info but I am confused on the licensing. Once is a instillation view and one is the licensing aoo. But to use thisyou need a licence. In the note, the recommendation is to create and activate an integration model for Location.

Should both be executed, or should only one way of create the location recommended? I used the report, should I also generate and activate an integration model. There Integration model is valid. For onwards its the new report. So answer is, depends on the version. Couldnot get enough clarify for pdps on SAP portal. I do not think you need step 3, as its one system. Also you have to specify certain planning methods 5 or 6, depending on the configuration.

Appo you solve this problem? Can you please share the OSS note details? In the document it says the alternate sequence for routing is not supported in integrated PPDS but it is pointing to old note: Is there any way to create the multiple modes for alternate sequence in integrated PPDS?


Otherwise what is the alternative to optimize across multiple machine with different run rate.

It is discreet environment and we are not using work center classification. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Set up CIF user parameters. February 12, 17 minute qpo. A powerful planning and scheduling tool. Production Scheduling Board https: Monitor Capacity Utilisation — Object page https: For optimizer sizing refer the link: Location simplification Support for combined orders mainly for Mill industries Fiori app for Capacity and shift maintenance For On -Premise: Settings for data transfer.

In addition to this you also needs to maintain advanced planning flag for work centers.

PP/DS for SAP S/4HANA (Advanced Planning) : A powerful planning and scheduling tool

You can maintain this in Heuristics settings. Alerts are the way forward. Not used in netting calculation. Only used in dynamic pegging.

User Option available in Heuristics. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. February 19, at 9: April 15, at 6: Thanks a great blog. Jomerce PJ Post author. May 27, at 6: April 18, at 2: Thanks for sharing, useful Blog! May 15, at April 25, at 3: Hi there, Great info but I am confused on the licensing. May 24, at 9: I used the report, should I also generate and activate an integration model Thanks an Advance, Annemarie.

June 17, at 9: I get the below message — When will this be available? July 6, at May be a temporary issue due to next versioning. June 21, at 4: Thanks for sharing this information.

I think both are different, but not very sure. July 9, at 1: Thanks but got it sorted by now. June 26, at 6: Ppss 10, at 8: Are there any special precautions to be taken. Please confirm Regards Nishigandha. August 10, at August 16, at 9: Hi Jomerce Thanks for your reply. But currently I am facing two ppde