On Fridays at the Buddha Center in Second Life the sangha has been learning about and discussing aspects of the Angulimala Sutta. This talk arose from the. ANGULIMALA SUTTA. uyyojanna. parittam yam bhanantassa,. nisinnatthanadhovanam;. udakampi vinaseti,. sabbameva parissayam. At that time in King Pasenadi’s kingdom of Kosala there was a robber named Angulimala. He was fierce, with bloody hands, engaged in killing living beings.

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These recluses, the sons of the Sakyas talk the truth and are established in the truth: Venerable Angulimala would come to the Blessed One with a split head and blood dripping, with the bowl broken and with robes torn.

Now we have much work to do, we would go.

So he decided to cut the last finger from anyone he saw that day. Eventually the robber anuglimala collected the required fingers except the last one.

Angulimala Sutta – Pali

How you tame those that could not be tamed with stick or weapon, without stick or weapon. If you were to see him like that, what would you do? He is fierce, with bloody hands, has no compassion for living things, destroys, hamlets, villages and states.

Ahimsaka kumara was born in the family of Wutta chaplain of King Suttta and was known in his young age as the Son of Mantani. He stopped and called to the Blessed One.

Angulimala Sutta

At that time venerable Angulimala was seated close to the Blessed One, and the Blessed One stretched his right and said, to king Pasenadi of Kosala: Eventually the teacher believes the delusions and lies and to rid himself of the perceived danger of Ahimsaka the teacher demands that his student honor him by collecting the little fingers some translations say it was thumbs of people.

Angulimala Paritta in Burmese Myanmar. Then if a clod was thrown at anybody else, it hit venerable Angulimala. Yet venerable sir, how could such virtues come to evil doers, like him?

Brahmin, endure that, on account of the results of your actions you would have been reaping results for many years, for many hundreds of years, for many thousands of years in hell.


One day Arahanta Angulimala saw a pregnant woman in difficult labour of child birth and reported the condition to the Buddha. My enemies, with patience and aversion dispelled, listen to the Teaching and live according to the Teaching.

The Angulimala Sutta ยป The Buddha Center

Indeed it is wonderful, people come along this path in bands of ten, or twenty, or thirty, or forty, or fifty, sugta all got into my hands, this recluse comes all alone, without another, may be he thinks to overcome me. The Angulimala Sutta Angulimala: The Buddha made the choice, interdependent on his own dispositions, needs and culture to ordain Angulimala.

Irrigators lead water, fletchers bend arrows, the carpenter bends wood and the wise tame the self. If a stone was thrown, it hit venerable Angulimala. Then Angulimala go to Savatthi and approach that woman and tell her. Going the alms round and returning from the alms round and after the meal was over, arranged the dwelling and taking bowl and robes, followed up the path to where Angulimala was.

What about compassion for King Pasenadi whose people expected Angulimala to be brought to justice? Do not be yoked to negligence, and sensual pleasures, concentrate diligently to attain pleasantness. When his merit covers up the sytta, he illuminates the world like the moon freed from clouds.

He destroys hamlets, villages and states killing humans to collect fingers to wear a garland round his neck. Yet while walking why did he say, I have stopped and Angulimala you too stop! Earlier I was a robber known as Angulimala, and was carried away by the surge of the refuge in the enlightenment.

Lord he should be punished. Since then the Burmese people used to bless the water by reciting this paritta of three stanzas and sprinkle on the head of the pregnant woman who is having difficulty in child-birth. Intro Movie Buddha Center. Indeed beings are defiled. Cowherds, farmers and travelers seeing the Blessed One following up the path leading to where Angulimala was staying said.


At that time he destroyed complete villages, complete hamlets and even the state. Some will be easy to make, others will be complicated taking much thought and debate. Sugta I was angulimals as Angulimala with bloody hands, look at the refuge the leader of being is destroyed.

Then venerable Angulimala putting on robes in the morning and taking bowl and robes went the alms round in Savatthi. These students engage qngulimala a campaign of lies and manipulation to cause that same arising in the teacher. Up to this point in the parable choices were made by the father and mother giving him a harmless name and opportunities to succeedthe king when the father offers to have his son killed the king declinesAhimsaka first choosing to be good, later choosing to do badhis fellow students negative actionsand the teacher first being supportive, later believing lies and manipulating Ahimsaka.

He kills humans to wear a garland of fingers. He was educated at the Taxila university and the Rector asked him to collect one thousand fingers as a gratifying test. Situational ethics are the intentional actions that arise with an encompassing and corrective view. Great king that is Angulimala.

He killed humans to wear a garland of fingers. This is the paritta sutta which had been expounded antulimala Lord of the worlds to Venerable Angulimala, the great magical power of which may last long for the entire aeon. This is the moral foundation that arises from the Three Pure Precepts, the intent to act with loving-kindness no matter the circumstances.

He speaks of the murderer Angulimala and how he has stta unable to subdue him.

Then king Pasenadi of Kosala approached the Blessed One worshipped, sat on a side and said. Powered by Sytta and the Graphene Theme. Quite the show of compassion from the Buddha.

Realizing the impossibility of the glory of the Buddha, Angulimala robber became a convert and was ordained as a monk.