Range Description: Within the European region this species is widespread, but with scattered, fragmented and sometimes very small populations, across the. Anagyris foetida – botanical illustrations (3 F) Flor de fesol moro (Anagyris foetida) Canèssia Vall de 1, × 1,; KB. Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Papilionaceae. Genus: Anagyris.

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Finally, correlations between some variables were analysed using the Pearson correlation coefficient for normal variables and the Spearman rank test otherwise.

Finally, in the control individuals, the flowers of the selected and tagged branches were not subjected to any manipulation flowers in — and in — The leaflets are nearly identical, with the central one being slightly larger. AGYFT Photo of few flowers showing the detail of the calyx – a bell-shaped structure with 5 pointed lobes teethof which the upper 2 are closer to each other.

An agent that causes vomiting, so as the stomach is emptied from its contents. Pollen viability was only determined in phases I—IV. Two days later, when the flowers were receptive and presented nectar, they were hand pollinated with pollen taken from the flowers of five different individuals after gently rubbing the stigma with a fine brush; they were tagged and rebagged. Advertisement, flower longevity, reward and nectar protection in Labiatae.

Anagyris foetida

Basionym or principal synonyms: They are broad, kidney-shaped bodies, which usually anagyfis a purple-black colour. Agamospermy treatment did not give rise to the initiation or formation of fruit. Production and morphology of fruit and seeds in Genisteae Fabaceae of south-west Spain.


Nativity and distribution The distributional range of this plant is shown in the list below: However, those that are borne from the trunk include more flowers, sometimes reaching up to The reproductive biology of Sophora fernandeziana Leguminosaea vulnerable endemic species from Isla Robinson Crusoe. This will help to cover some expenses needed to maintain the website and its further development. Cytisus striatus and Retama sphaerocarpa. Leaf Texture Sericeous; the lower side of the leaves bear fine, usually straight, apressed, hairs giving the appearance of a silky texture.

Leaflets have an entire outline and a lanceolate shape, sometimes fusiform elliptical shape. Systematics at different levels. According to Bawain allogamous populations, individuals should be selected to bloom in synchrony with their contemporaries, especially if they have a short flowering period.

One of the wings was removed and the lower pair of petals keel was pushed down so as to show better the reproductive parts. Compound leaf made up of 3 similar leaflets. With respect to pollen, the germinative capacity of the individuals, certainly one of the most reliable indicators of a plant’s reproductive capacity, varied greatly, with some presenting low values of germination and others presenting high values.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Cleansing the bowels; promoting evacuations by stool; purgative. The flowers are arranged in racemes, with flowers per raceme.

The leaves are stalked and grows in an alternating fashion along the stems. Each leaf has a tiny stipule at the opposite side of the stem.


In each raceme, only anzgyris flowers are usually found open at the same time, and the moment of opening between them is deferred for 1 or 2 days according to the environmental conditions.

Specifically, the main objectives of this study were as follows: Published date of profile: Therefore, these months seem to be key in the fruiting of this species. Numerous censuses of birds and insects were carried fortida, the floral nectar was quantified, and specific tests were performed to determine the pollinators’ pollen load, the pollen’s effective transfer to the pistil, and spontaneous self-pollination.

Species name :

anagjris There are 2 pairs of nearly identical petals, apressed on each other of which the lateral are called the wings, and the lower ones as the keel. The pollen loads carried by the birds were high, as were also the loads transferred to the pistil. Note the longitudinal veins of the wings and keel. In the SSP treatment, the flowering branches were bagged, without flower manipulation total of flowers in season — and 15 in — It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.