Death is the new life. Stories about dead teens used to be mainly weepers about beautiful young girls with tragic diseases. Now along with. The story of Madison Stanton, dead of unknown causes at age 17, showcases debut author Huntley’s skill at writing believable scenes of high. Where do we go after we die? For Madison Stanton, she’s somewhere in the vast dark everafter—a place she refers to as “Is”, formless, isolated.

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I just think that the author took a really simple approach to it, this book could have been a pager easily. I loved the fact that her romance with Gabriel still continued even after death. It just felt distracting and I wasn’t interested enough to enjoy it.

Lists with This Book.

The Everafter

Will it be like that? Madison can’t remember when or how she died and she hopes that by reliving all the moments of the lost This book was sad and depressing and it makes me wonder where the author’s head was at when she wrote this. I know I did, and I’ll ghe looking forward to her future works. It was this concept that got me to read this book. We follow Madison as journeys back to her life from age 4 to hutley infantile stage of goo-goo ga-ga to her last moments on earth.

I have a passive interest in theoretical physics, and so I especially enjoyed the quantum theory eversfter was woven into the story. With the help of some ghostlike objects from her life, she tries to fit the puzzle pieces together for an answer.


All she’s got is these rare moments that she lost something, and though they weren’t important in life, they’re so meaningful in death. It’s everzfter of a character portrait than anything else. IF more of the book was focused on the mystery of Maddy’s death and her relationship with Sandra’s mother, and Gabe, than of her going back to moments in her boring life where she lost things, I would have actually rated 4 stars.

As she captures these items and holds them, it takes Maddy back to the moment when she lost the object.

I listened to the audio version of this book. But this review is supposed to be about The Everafterso moving A friend from PaperBackSwap first recommended this book to me, and I purchased it when it was in the bargain section on Amazon.

I had a strong and uncomfortable feeling.

The Everafter by Amy Huntley – book project by brianna aldridge on Prezi

Thw shows the beauty of how important the little things can be, how important things people take for granted everyday can be, whether it’s a first kiss, a charm bracelet, or even physics homework, it’s what happens because of these things, what happens around these things that makes this story come to life, in a way that Maddy can’t anymore.

And soon she discovers that, with these artifacts, she can reexperience – and even change – moments from her life. That said, Madison’s relationship with her boyfriend, Gabriel, was sweet and realistic.

My grandmother’s ring that she gave to me when I was teenager. You can feel Madison’s longing as she remembers what it’s like to be alive and how much she misses her parents, best friend and boyfriend. There are serious loose ends left over. Here, you sort of float in a space that’s empty of everything except for what you lost over the course of your life, reliving hunntley memories by interacting with those objects.


Jun 15, Aileen rated it it was amazing. Would recommend if you have a high reading challenge I guess, because it was a very easy and quick read. I loved the idea of The Everafter, especially being able to relive moments after dying. Once you get to a certain point though you go to the Everafter where everyone is. To view it, click here.


May 19, Hungley rated it it was ok Shelves: It was just kind of I don’t quite know what to say about this book. In the end I was thinking to myself “That’s it?

The dialog, too, made sense for these characters. Creepy, but good creepy!! I was constantly having to remind myself this was just story otherwise this would have been extremely depressing. huntly

Throughout the book she shares childhood memories, and continuously revisits a memory from each year of her lif The Everafter was a peculiar yet exciting read that kept me fascinated with the characters. The thought that we all continually exist in various planes both in life and death simultaneously is unbelievably comforting and makes thoughts of death seem evverafter less of a loss.