Find great deals for AMX NXD I 5 Modero Wall Mount Touch Panel With Product Identifiers. BRAND. AMX. MPN. NXDI. eBay Product ID (ePID). Find great deals for AMX Nxdi 5″ Modero Wall/flush Mount Touch Panel Controller With Intercom. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 1 x AMX 5″ Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel w/ Intercom NXDi. Microphone: Frequency response of to Hz; used for intercom applications.

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AMX is not liable for any damages caused by max products or for the failure of its products to perform. This includes any lost profits, lost savings, incidental damages, or consequential damages. Refreshing the Panel Statistics Touch screen Speaker FIG. The mini-USB port is used both for programming the touch panel and for audio output.

The mini-USB port automatically detects the presence of a headphone adaptor, allowing the port to be used for headphone connectivity. Utilization of the Voice Over Internet protocol VoIPwhich allows telephone calls to be made or received directly from the touch panel.

Support of AMX Computer Control, which ncd-500i remote viewing and control of any networked computer directly from the panel. This gives the user the ability to launch digital music from a PC, cruise the Internet, check and respond to E-mail, open software files, and launch applications.

Supported Audio Sample Rates: The NXDi has no power input port. Instead, all power is supplied via the Power over Ethernet PoE protocol.

This back box is removed when installing the device into a wall or into a Rough-In Box. Installation Removing the Faceplate In certain circumstances, the Faceplate must be removed and replaced with a new faceplate.

Because the device is installed against a wall, the faceplate must be removed carefully to prevent the two top prongs on the underside of the Faceplate from being broken. To remove the faceplate: The following sections describe mounting the touch panel directly into a pre-wall rough-in box, a solid surface, drywall, or an NXA-RK5 Rack Mount Kit.

Refer to the procedures in the Pre-Wall Installation of the Rough-In Box section on page 9 for detailed pre-wall installation instructions. The back box is clear to allow visual confirmation that the tabs have been extended and are gripping the wall. This also allows visual confirmation if the entire assembly has to be removed from the wall for any reason. This backbox has a locking tab on three of the four faces missing only on the face containing the space for the connections to help lock the backbox to the wall.

This action provides the installer with a margin for error if the opening needs to be expanded. Too little drywall removed is always better than too much. Installation Do not disconnect the connectors from the touch panel.

The unit must be installed with the attached connectors before being inserted into the drywall. Push the back box into the wall opening. Insure that the locking tabs lie flush against the back box. Installing the NXDi into a Flat Surface using 4 screws Three 4 mounting screws not included are secured through circular holes located at the left and right sides of the NXDi. The most important thing to remember when mounting the NXDi is that the back box must be installed flush against the mounting surface.


Test the incoming wiring by connecting the panel connections to their terminal locations. Verify that the panel is receiving power and functioning properly before finalizing the installation. Install the three 4 Mounting Screws not included into these three holes suggested length of screws is 0.

Thread the incoming Ethernet and USB wiring from their terminal sources through the surface opening, leaving enough slack in the wiring to accommodate any re-positioning of the panel. Because of this, the panel has no need for standard power inputs or outputs. Connections and Wiring FIG. Modero panels are set up in the factory with specific demo touch panel pages.

The first splash screen that appears indicates the panel is receiving power, beginning to load firmware, and preparing to display the default touch panel pages. Ethernet communication can only be achieved via a direct Ethernet connection.

These are available at www. This information must be specific for the system used with the configured Modero panel. Each time thereafter, the panel is “recognized” Click Yes when told that a digital signature was not found.

The panel is now configured to communicate directly with the PC. This process completes the association between driver and device. The number changes depending on which recognized panel is currently connected. USB driver has been properly configured. Refer to the previous section for more information. Launch NetLinx Studio 2. System sends out a request to the panel to respond and completes the communication turning the System Connection icon green. Configuring Communication A mini-USB connection is only detected after it is installed onto an active panel.

Connection to a previously powered panel which then reboots, allows the PC to detect the panel and assign an appropriate USB driver. Verify this direct USB connection Type-A on the panel to mini-USB on the panel is configured properly using the steps outlined in the previous two sections.

AMX Nxd-500i Nxd500i Flush Mount Touch Panel Screen 5″

Configuring a Wired Ethernet Connection It is necessary to tell the panel as to which Mxd-500i it should be communicating. This address must be obtained before Static assignment of the panel continues. Verify that nxd-050i panel has been configured to communicate through an Ethernet cable connected from the panel to a valid Ethernet Hub. By selecting URL, the System Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly from the communicating target Master virtual or not.

By selecting URL, the System Number field becomes read-only grey because the panel pulls this value directly from the communicating target Master, virtual or not.

Refer to the NetLinx Master instruction manual for more detailed information on the use of the new web-based NetLinx Security. Once the application is installed, this popup will no longer appear. This popup will only appear if connecting to the target panel using a different computer. Configuring Communication The secondary window then shows the same G4 page being displayed on the target G4 panel.


A small circle appears within the on-screen G4 panel page and corresponds to the location of the mouse cursor. A left-mouse click on the computer-displayed panel page is the same as an actual touch on the target G4 panel page. Upgrading Modero Firmware Before beginning the Upgrade process: Set up and configure your NetLinx Master. Calibrate and prepare the communication pages on the panel for use. Refer to the Panel Calibration section on page Navigate back to the System Connection page.

If the panel firmware being used is not current, download the latest Kit file by first logging in to www. Upgrading Modero Firmware 6. Setup Pages and Descriptions This section describes the Setup and Protected Settings pages and their specific functional elements.

Setup Page Elements Exit Setup Page Elements Cont. Inactivity Page Flip Time: When the device goes into this inactivity mode, the LCD does not power down. Nxd-50i0 the sales order information. Displays the purchase order wmx. Displays the model of the Modero panel being used. Displays the G4 firmware version being used by the panel. Displays the video refresh rate applied to the incoming video signal from the panel.

AMX NXDI-MB 5″ Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel – A41

If either the Time or Date is modified on this page and then updated to the Master by pressing the Set Time button, all devices communicating to that target Master will then be updated to reflect the new information.

NXDi touch panels do not have an onboard clock. This page both receives and sets the time and date of the NetLinx Master. Volume Page Elements Cont. The supported sampling rates for WAV files are: Enter the factory default password into the password keypad to access this page. Protected Setup Page Elements System Settings Page Elements Back Sets the speed of the Ethernet connection to the panel.

AMX NXD-500I-MB 5” Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel

Displays a read-only field that is factory set by AMX for the built-in Ethernet interface. Sets the NetLinx Master communication values: Press and hold the Front Setup Access button for 6 seconds to access the Calibration page.

Press the crosshairs to calibrate the panel and return to the last active firmware page. G4 Web Control Settings Cont.

Select either option nx-500i access that page. Cache Settings Page Elements Cont. This opens the Image Cache page. This clears all image cache currently stored on the panel both Flash and RAM. Password Settings Page Back: