Altius is the leading manufacturer of golf balls; With the decline in the people’s interest in Golf, the industry has seen a decline in the number of. Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand. Introduction. Evelyn Gracie, CEO of Altius Golf, took a deep breath before introducing the company’s new golf. ALTIUS GOLF AND THE FIGHTER BRAND Contents External Environment 2. Opportunities 2. Threats 2. Internal Environment 3. Strengths 3. Weaknesses 3.

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This is just a sample partial case solution.

Welcome: Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand

This low price equipment should be highlighted in marketing to gain higher share of growing golf industry. Finance Globalization Health Care. Altius Golf has competitive advantage over its competitors through its sales of Victor TX and Altius Golf has become the market leader in providing golf balls under Victor TX line; additionally, this advantage has given Altius Golf the benefit of economies of scale.

Altius Golf marketing focus is on Victor TX line golf equipments, which are designed for professional golf players because in the past professional golf players have won their matches using Victor TX equipments. Increase in market share: Elevate will undoubtedly be available through “off the course” channels such as for example golf specialty stores and big box retailers rather than “on the course” professional shops where in fact Altius Golf sells its products and services.

Moreover, opting into this alternate will require Altius Golf to increase the number of sales units, which can thr done ane extensive marketing.

The main objective of launching the elevate golf ball is to change the market strategy by decreasing the price and targeting to the professional golf equipments to its low cost and producing fun oriented golf equipment to attract the new golf players that will increase the profitability of the ahd.

Altius Golf has heavily spent on marketing their success of Victor TX line, however; the golf industry trends have changed and the new trend is towards low cost as well as non-confirming golf equipments.

This case study is about Altius Golf.

Cite View Details Educators. Pages Home Research Work. Therefore, the medium priced elevate would lead to increase in high sales and market share for the company Bringing a Breakthrough Drug to Market. The analysis of alternative reveals that Altius Golf can fihhter high market share of the growing golf industry by decreasing its retail price and then focusing on increasing the number of units sold in order to maintain its profitability.


The CEO in this way needs to dispatch another item called Elevate to encourage the up and coming era of golfers. Appendix-C – Product wise margins analysis. Appendix-A – Altius progress of gold and other equipment sales. The company is now trying to produce golf balls and equipment, which would be highly comfortable and easy to use that will help them to move along with the industry trend.

The company is using on-course distribution strategy in which they focus a number of professionals and they buy from the pro-shop directly from the hte, it is also called an brqnd distribution strategy, in which only one distributor, retailer and wholesaler is involved that trade in their particular geographical area.

This shows the impact on the market share and sales volume that will lead to investment in the new product but demand of existing product increases. The firm has consolidated new eras of cutting edge, super-premium golf balls that permit clients to copy proficient golfers. Cite View Details Educators Related. Based on your findings above, and the state of the market, should Altius implement the Elevate strategy? Due to highly cost products and the lack of innovation, the organization has been losing the piece of the pie to its opponents.

This is the best way to attract the beginners and non-professionals by creating the brand awareness in the market that will generate high revenue by introducing medium priced elevated golf ball. The percentage shows the sales of the new product that is used from the old product. Effect of Decrease in Gross Margins. Alternate options that are available to the Altius Golf include lowering the price of its existing Victor TX line of products and spending on marketing with focus on low price of its golf equipments.

The USGA is very particular for the production of the golf ball in terms of its size, shape, and its material, which showed reasonable effects to the company’s goodwill for not following the USGA regulations.

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand by Nikhil Sadana on Prezi

The table shows Altius revenue in was Quantitative analysis of the CEO’s proposal may be performed to comprehend the potential risks and gains prior to making the final recommendation. One of the major competitors of Altius Golf, Primiera, has introduced a campaign for marketing of golf equipment which is specially designed for new learners of golf to help them play the sport and learn it easily.

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand. In addition, it has to focus on low cost and user friendly designed golf balls in marketing to gain the higher share of growing market. Its gross profit is The company has been losing market share to lower-priced competitors and the CEO wants to introduce a new program called Elevate to foster the next generation of golfers. External environment includes some opportunities as well as threats for Altius Golf which is discussed below: S, consequently; sales of golf equipments are falling and this is clearly a threat to Altius Golf for its future sales in the U.


The firm has maintained its position by introducing generations of advanced, super-premium golf balls that allow their customers to emulate professional golfers. How Does it Work? About the Author Robert J. These above main issues elaborate that the company is losing its market share because of the highly competitive market.

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This strategy has been successful as it has captured the market share of Altius Golf and some other sellers in the golf market. Because of altis recent recession period, consumers of golf equipments have cut-down their spending on golf balls and this trend has badly affected the golf industry.

This results in following results:. Dolan and Navid Mojir Citation: The top managerial staff is partitioned on whether to encourage the choice or not.

Primera and Meridian; both the companies gained market share by adopting the cost effective strategy. Therefore, it is a good time to target new players through extensive marketing of low cost and non-confirming golf balls, which has ifghter new golf players to hit the ball perfectly.

Altius is offering only the golf balls for the professional players, therefore launching of the elevate golf ball is a better idea at this time as the industry trends show the recession has decreased the number of professional players so the industry is trying to attract the new customers by offering them golr low cost of golf balls.

Search Case Solutions Search for: Technology and Operations Management. The company is using the high price and small sales volume in its pricing strategy that has the large impact on the market share. As per calculations made in spread sheet, market share of Altius Golf is higher than other competitors in the golf industry, which gives it a competitive advantage over other companies to control prices by affecting the demand and supply forces.