Torre Bermeja is a musical work by the Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz. It was published in a Records in Review said about the piece, “The Albeniz Torre bermeja, a piano work nowadays heard more frequently on the guitar, makes much of. ISAAC ALBENIZ. TORRE BERMEJA. Revised and fingered by. Eythor Thorlaksson. The Guitar School – Iceland SERENATA.

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I have to add TB to my repertoire though! Guess you just cant assume anything.

I do however have Williams arrangement of Cordoba. It’s true, we do move threads around to try and keep the content of the various subforums reasonably consistent. For example, I have a 3 day weekend from work so I have extra time to poke around in all the subforums but usually I just check the Public Space forum. I always like to hear others interpretations of this most excellent, but somehow neglected Albeniz piece. I really enjoy listening to him play Arcas’ Polanaise Fantastic.

I wish i was betmeja at playing by ear but then again if we all were we would never need to purchase sheet music correct? He seems to play the Llobet transcription note for note and listening to it is like getting in a time machine and hearing Llobet play. Its albenia absolute perfect way to play this piece note for note. Even though it is just as disciplined as JW’s, his rendering is the more expressive. It is also on “The Seville Concert.

Rumores, Torre, even Iberia isnt played as much as should be. This section is read-only. Hmmm, thought there would be more JW fans on this forum, and more Albeniz fans on this forum too Ah, maybe if i posted JW and Bach! I am talking about the 2nd measure directly after the drop D chord. Dont get me started on his Serenata Arabe!


John Williams plays Torre Bermeja by I. Albeniz – Classical Guitar

Board index All times are UTC. I did get the beemeja to view your link to Stefano playing Llobet’s version of Torre Bermeja. This is a heavily moderated forum but I believe it suits the website and gives things here a more academic feel so I’m OK with it.

I mean really, we need to put Asturias to bed for a while like the kid that needs to take a nap and start playing with Albeniz’ other pieces. Its ugitar but he certainly improved since albeeniz. I noticed that he and segovia have re recorded pieces over and over again.

I have to agree with you. Like i cant see him going into the studio and recording Bach again. Thnaks for the You Tube lead. Moderato, thanks for commenting and listening. He got the R.

As far as the Stefano video goes, I’m not saying it’s the “best” or anything like that but to me it’s drastically different than most of the other versions I’ve heard on CD or YT. I’m surprised he even made Cordoba available I have it but haven’t started working on it yet.

It’s got the Spanish feel. We certainly have that in common! The easiest way of keeping up with everything IMO is to use either the View new posts or the View active topics link on the index page.

I like the CD i have of him from the qlbeniz, around the time of this video. I really enjoy the JW version you posted and I’ve tried to find a version similar to what he plays which has caused me more trouble than anything else.

Classical Guitar

I’m a fan of Williams and have his early recording of the piece, but the Evangelos Asimakopoulos performance also on YT is my preferred interpretation.

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But now a days JW only records new stuff. Rumores de la Caleta malaguena would be my second, but only when Parkening plays it. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. Times like this i wish i had a 24 fret C. I will listen to that and post a berrmeja on it asap! Seriously though, i dont understand why i can purchase JW’s version of Cordoba, a great tune although not torde favorite, yet it is impossible to find his arrangement of Torre Bermeja!?!?!?!

Yes, I have sight read J. I actually origionally posted this in the cafe I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with the 10 different versions gutar exaggeration of TB that I have and after pondering all the differences I switch back to working on something else.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. For me though this thread is something I can relate to.

Classical Guitar Skip to content. Oh and about putting this thread in public space, the bfrmeja actually moved it here because it is from a favorite web sight.

So that gives me hope that he also published an arrangement of Torre Bermeja! I am guessing Llobet and Segovia, who inspired Williams, rolled the 3 note arpeggioed chords down for speed but Williams shows that you can play p,m,i just as graceful as a p,i,m roll. I have admired Stefano for quite sometime and he seems to have tons of stuff on YT! I have 4 versions Segovia, Llobet, and two others and am very unhappy with all four.