“Entertaining This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas.” -Interzone “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure.” -The Times (UK) “Reynolds’s approach. I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Abigail was very careful about all clones being equal. The reason she can’t. Alastair Reynolds’ House Of Suns, shortlisted for the Clarke Award, is a novel of ideas, with all that implies. The space-opera epic throws a.

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View all 14 comments. The post-humans weirdos more than make up for them, though. Cadence and Cascade, on the other hand, are racing for a wormhole which leads to the Andromeda Galaxyto where the few survivors of the First Machines are revealed to have retreated.

House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds

No one group endures. I agree with your overall assessment. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. This is ultimately seen to alastaid a personalising process: The main story arc is set approximately 6 million years in the future. The weight of all those memories is like an ocean of liquid hydrogen, compressing itself into metal.

The amount of mind-bending concepts Reynolds managed to pack into this novel while maintaining a coherent story is impressive: John Harrison Light, who reduce the triumph of humanity inherent in space opera to a sort of adaptation exercise, twisting baseline humanity into such unrecognisable shapes that the effort barely seems worth it. Soon their friendship with Hesperus is solidified in a struggle for survival. The story spans millions of years and hundreds of them often pass in the blink of an eye.

Everyyears they meet up to celebrate and share memories. I hurtled into my own future, while my ship ate space and time. In shorter stories, this problem of perspective is less noticeable—indeed, is less relevant. Good old-fashioned futuristic adventure at its best.

House of Suns

June 11, at 9: Campion and several other shatterlings immediately launch a pursuit. Partly, he does this by helping the reader connect to the human feelings that his characters feel, which would be similar regardless of how long one had been around or how far the future extended ahead of them.


Will have to return for a few more rereads because I’m pretty sure I missed a ton of details in my rush to get to the end. May 13, at 6: I like that theory better, because all sorts of nerd alarms went off at full strength when I read that. The best stories can be a linchpin, connecting you to your future, slightly more experienced self.

Campion and Purslane tamper with their memories to hide their romance; their robot companion Hesperus has had his memory wiped; the houses are locked together in some form of collective amnesia, at a loss to explain the rumours of the House of Suns; and in the stars lies a capitalised Absence, the total darkness in the sky where Alpha Centauri was but is no longer.

The Machine Person Hesperus renounces his allegiance to his nation in the search for a higher principle, for instance, whilst Purslane and Campion’s existences seem to be ones of constant rule-bending the reader does begin to wonder how they might ever have survived this long in so rigorous an environment as a clone line. On board Silver Wings of MorningHesperus reveals to Campion that while he managed to destroy Cadence before they could leave the Neume star system, Cascade survived and he and Cascade had engaged in a marathon battle, lasting the several thousand years the trip took.

However, there are some beings that existed consciously for at least that long, experiencing every moment.

Merely changing the name of the narrator using the first person pronoun cannot count in the novel as an exploration of identity. This, of course, is not a good thing for our brave heroes and they are forced, along with their fellow survivors, to regroup reynolxs figure out just what happened.

I tried to place reasonable limits on these technologies, however, and make sure that there were still certain feats that were beyond the alasrair of the shatterlings.

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Where we enter the story, the House of Suns are scheduled to convene again shortly. But scratch beneath the scales, the fur, the armor, they were still humans at the core, and no amount of primate babble could ever drown out that silence completely.

The world building and science are vivid, and easily digestible to a non-scientist. House of Sunshis latest novel, is his third to be set sujs that “franchise” universe, and follows on from a future first glimpsed in the novella “Thousandth Night” Alastair Reynolds has created something truly special here–a enjoyable balance of interesting storytelling and theoretical science–and my mind is sufficiently blown. Hesperus, still critically wounded following the rescue of the survivors, is taken to the Neumean “Spirit of the Air”, an ancient posthuman machine-intelligence, in the hopes that it will fix him.

House of Suns is epic in every way the word can be defined. Lists with This Book. The book is about the why and where-with-all of a grudge harbored against this line of shatterlings.


Thematically they perhaps also add some seasoning to the main narrative, but too little for us to think the effect could not have been achieved with less distraction elsewhere. The Commonality a confederation of the various Lineshorrified and ashamed of this pointless genocide, erased all knowledge of the event from historical records and their own memories.

There are no significant loose threads oof in the end. It took me a few chapters to wrap my head around the world; it’s a lot to take in at first. Reynolds never says that the original Gentian is dead, however. There is a trick Reynolds has used repeatedly before and again here, that I feel he needs to be wary of: