Al hisnul hasin-a comprehensive collection of masnoon duas by allamah muhammad al-jazri. Upcoming. Hisnul Haseen is a comprehensive collection of authentic prayers and ahadith related to zikr and dua. It was written around Hijri at a time when Damascus. Al-hisnul Hasin – a Comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Duas By Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-jazri [Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-Jazri] on Amazon. com.

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A person who recites this Beautiful Name of Allah 33 times daily will soon begin to perceive the hidden se- 35 cretsof Allah and love and admiration for Allah will develop In his heart. We fervently invoke Your mercy so that You may set aright hiwnul my affairs and may not 52 leave me to myself for the twinkling of an eye. I seek Your protection from being tormented in the grave; there is no deity besides You.

If he makes Zikr, the angel guards him for the duration of the night otherwise the devil takes charge of him. To Him belongs the entire universe.

Comprehensive Collection of Short Prayers: al-Hisnul Hasin

Anyone wishing to be honoured by the Ulama and pious people should continue reciting this Name of Allah until he falls asleep. Ahadeeth on the Virtues of Reciting the Holy Qur’aan He takes out the living from the dead and the dead from the living and makes alive the earth after it is dead; and so will you be raised alive on the Day of Judgement.


Duas for the Evening hisnu Night 66 When a Certain Blessing of Allah is Witnessed Likewise instead of thumma ardhinee the words wa radh-dhinee bihee is mentioned and in place of fee deenee the words wa ma’aadee is mentioned.

It is mentioned in the Hadeeth that Rasoolullah Sallallaahu- alayhi-wasallam used to recite in Witr the aforementioned three Surahs.

And not to do this is his bad fortune. The Excellence of Suratul Ikhlaas Circumstances in which Duas are Accepted 8. In this case 8 would become Tahajjud and the remainder Witr.

The Greeting of a Muslim Peace be upon us and all the righteous servants of Allah. Anyone who repeats ihsnul Beautiful Name of Allah times and blows on food and such food is con- sumed by him and his wife together, their differences will come to an end.

Thanking Allah whenever one’s Dua is accepted. Allah willing, one’s need will be fulfilled. Call unto Me; I shall answer your Dua.

Comprehensive Collection of Short Prayers – al-Hisnul Hasin

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. All praises are due to Allah for all times. Istikhaarah Dua for Marriage Is O Allah, Creator of the heavens and earth, who knows what is hidden and visible, Lord and Master of all things! When Seeing Someone In any Adversity v Reciting this Beautiful Name of Allah 20 times lying down on the bed will remove any differences one has with ones spouse.


The Excellence of Surah Fath Anyone who continues saying this Beautiful Name of Allah while partaking meals, the food thus consumed will become a source of strength and noor. There is hadin strength to avoid evil and no power to do good ex- cept with the help of Allah. II you see anyone In the Masjid hsain people regarding his lost property, say to him: Certainly I am amongst the wrongdoers. Safety against Disaster when Rain is Imminent There is none worthy of worship except You and there is no protection against evil and power to do good except with Allah’s 80 help.

Full text of “Al-Hisnul Hasin”

And all the prophets are true and Muhammad, the apostle of Allah is true. All sovereignty belongs to Him and all praises are due 70 to Him alone and He has power over all things. All praise is due to Allah who fed me this food and gave it to me without any strength and ability on my part.

None except You can guide to do good deeds and prevent bad ones.