Aku-Aku, the Secret of Easter Island describes Thor Heyerdahl’s research at Rano Raraku & Anakena on their many giant stone statues. The book & later film . Results 1 – 30 of 60 AKU-AKU – The Secret of Easter Island by heyerdahl, thor and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. En el conocido etnógrafo y aventurero Thor Heyerdahl organizó una AKU AKU, en su momento un best-seller internacional, es un relato de los.

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I had not seen anything, but no great secret was likely to be disclosed when the whole cliffside was packed with staring people. At first What Awaited Us at the A,u Navel they were intrigued by the feat it must have heerdahl to erect these tall statues: He had adopted me as his son and taught me to respect his race as my own.

If the answers to the riddle of Easter Island exist today, they must be down in akuu earth. Thor Heyerdahl October 6,Larvik, Norway — April 18,Colla Micheri, Italy was a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer with a scientific background in zoology and geography.

American origin for some Easter Island plants including the Totora reeds in the islands’ three crater lakes which are now recognised as a separate species to the ones in Lake Titicaca.

Me hallaba en pie sobre una estera de totora amarilla entrelazada con retorcidas fibras de corteza. How clever I am!

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They struck one of the statues so hard with a hoe that sparks sprang from it, and thus it was evident that they were of stone. Between pages Raising a statue with three poles. He pointed neyerdahl the grotesque wooden figure which Anette had laid in a doll’s bed. The statues stood at their posts as stubbornly as ever.

Then we could arrive at the village of Hangaroa early next morn- ing with all flags flying. Esas figuras las erigieron los “orejas-largas” en memoria de sus propios jefes. En las heeyerdahl pude ver otras matronas de parecida corpulencia.

Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island

This time it was the captain of an 34 What Awaited Us at the World’s Navel American schooner, paying a short visit to look for colonists for a pro- posed sealing station on Juan Fernandez, the Robinson Crusoe island off the coast of Chile. Some were quite open, and we could bend down and walk in.


There were gleams of reddish-brown and yellowish-gray as in the layers of a cut cake, and high up on the crest over our heads we could see green grass and an- cient walls which seemed on the verge of tumbling down the precipice. No pude menos de admirar su bello perfil a la luz de la luna. Nosotros, los “orejas-largas “, no somos tan belicosos. A few years after, when all the surviving islanders had consented to be baptized, a French adventurer arrived and set them against the missionaries.

Fueron por si solos. Some of the stones had symmetrical holes bored in them, and proved to be polished stones taken from the foundation walls of old reed houses.

The mayor could quite justly note that we were all standing and staring landward in enchantment; even Anette sat motionless in Yvonne’s arms, gazing as though hypnotized at the little doll’s village under the great blue sky. The lights had been put out.

The real treasure of this book is his keen eye on the locals and his interactions with them. The result was that one more man took part in the voyage: He justifies it by supposing that they will eventually sell the carvings to private collectors for money or they will be lost forever, as the caves are well hidden and only one family member at a time knows the location. Thor Junior on the bridge. Yo desciendo de Hotu Matua y estas tierras han pertenecido desde siempre a mi familia.

Orders rang out from cap- tain to first officer, and there was a fierce blast from the funnel tnor the sun-god’s shining head.

Full text of “Thor Heyerdahl Aku Aku”

Daniel y Alberto Ika. History of Easter Island. En el fondo aparece Yvonne con un pareo rojo y cantando con las danzarinas de hula.

To avoid thieving and intrigue, Father Sebastian had expressly asked us to keep the camp closed to natives who had no special rhor. Also the Sweet Potato, which is now reckoned to have been in Polynesia before Easter Island was settled.


But it would have been no pleasure either to him or to the native inhabitants of the island heyerdagl we had arrived just at dusk, at a place where a call from any ship is one of the greatest events of the year.

Aku-Aku – Wikipedia

I wondered what sort of a craft he had had, what language he had spoken. A short final chapter describing the team’s journey to other islands in the south Pacific which were reported to have statues and architecture that may have been patterned on Easter Island seems like an afterthought. This madness soon spread all over the house.

They were the village’s two native policemen. Full of colonialist bravado, the author goes to a remote island to study it, convinces the locals he is a powerful wizard, with trickery and schemes, robs the locals blind of long term inherited stone statues they hid in the island’s miles and miles of volcanic caves, gains access to those ancestral grave and treasure caves, and hauls them back to his home country.

Antes de que yo pudiese hacer el menor movimiento, extendieron los brazos y me colocaron una corona de ondeantes plumas sobre la cabeza.

Other- wise the whole village would soon move over to us. Ambas yacen ahora tendidas en el suelo, pero no de espaldas, sino de bruces. But he kept his word, and when the hour was over the native boat, full of laughter and music, was tossing about on her way toward the dark coast. But it was easy to conjure up her good spirits, and then the cloud van- ished like morning dew as her rough face lit up with a dazzling smile.

Then he came back, stooping and swaying, and sat down on the “taboo” ground in the shelter of the tent. Good luck and good reading M. See 1 question about Aku-Aku….