AGGANNA SUTTA SINHALA PDF – oS ksldh. kfud ;ii ;d wryf;d iuud iunqoaOii.. 49 ‘ w.a. Uploader: Fekora The Buddha emphasizes the. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Savatthi, at the mansion of Migara’s mother in the East Park. And at that time Vasettha and Bhāradvāja. oS ksldh. kfud ;ii ;d wryf;d iuud iunqoaOii. [\q /]. 49′ w.a.[a[ iQ;1h. 3′ ud jsiska fufia wik,os’ tla lf,l ;2ka jykafia ieje;akqjr iuSmfhyysjQ mQrAjdrdkfhys .

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Isn’t this why we see adverse things from computer viruses to weapons of mass destruction. So, they appointed someone to rectify what is right and what is wrong, give abganna to those who need it, give punishment to those who deserve it, and in return, they will give him a share of their rice.

They offer him humble service and salute him, rise and do him homage and pay him fitting service. After that the world will end.

Gnanananda Thero; it summarizes how fulfillment of prerequisites one by one helps one attain Arhathhood, like drops of rain flowing down from the mountains to fill the great ocean. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes.

Wide default Fluid Narrow. Personally I know all sermons by Ven. Their origin was from among these very same beings The sweet and honey-like rice flourished seeds abundantly.

DN27 Aggañña Sutta: On Knowledge of Beginnings

This is not the outcome of a Dhamma Sakachcha advocated by the Buddha. I too say, Vasettha: It is how ignorance of the way things are causes suffering; and gives rise to succession of life-and-death the samsaraic existence Dhamma teaches how we can control this mechanism; and how we can stop this. The Big Bang, in this interpretation, marks not the beginning of the Evolutionary phase but the ending of the earlier Devolutionary phase, agbanna there appears seven suns as in a different Suttasymbolic of intense heat.


So too will a Brahmin, a Vessa or a Sudda. It looked just like the skin that forms itself over hot milk as it cools.

Aggañña Sutta

And this lasted for a very long time. The man became preoccupied with women and vice versa. I mean even monks are aggravating the war here in our country. Thus such things as are immoral and considered so, blameworthy and considered so, to be avoided and considered so, ways unbefitting an Ariyan and considered so, black with black result and blamed by the wise, are sometimes to be sijhala among the Khattiyas, and the same afganna to Brahmins, merchants and artisans.

It seems like you have in depth knowledge regarding buddism and it’s teaching As a buddhist myself I find great agganba in what you say.

And sooner or later, after a very long period of time, savory earth spread itself over the waters where those beings were.

The logical explanation of this was that the creatures were the self-illuminating, so blinding and luminous that they didn’t notice the Sun. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind the aim of a Sammasambuddha is revealing path to Nibbana. Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same!

Aggañña Sutta – Sinhala

And Buddhist people support it to. Sutta Nipata Selections and Inspired Essays. Shraddha is the key to enter the path; and Shraddhanussari state marks the Sothapaththi maga.

Please note that these are just my personal opinions. Dear friend, I am just a beginer of Dhamma; trying to pursue Dhamma like many other users of this forum. Retrieved from ” https: And in this way, Vasettha, taking what was not given, and censuring, and lying, and punishment, took their origin. At a time of expansion, the beings from aganna Abhassara Brahma world, [85] having passed afganna from there, are mostly reborn in this world.


Glad to see you are using it for sake of the people.

No, people will not automatically attain Nibbana at the end of world. For example a person attaining Sothapathi state will have all Kamma that gives returns in Niraya hell nullified; that’s why the person become free from birth in Niraya.

They grieved on the rising of evil amongst their people. As you may agree, we are extremely fortunate to be born in a aggaanna of revival like this Buddhism was not disclosed to be a religion – there were no Buddhists at the time; only Shrawakas of Sammasambuddha Gautham who followed Dhamma to the word.

It was thanks to Abganna Wahanse of our time: Can things beyond one’s scope of thinking be well dealt with science? It’s going through a painful and slow death.

The Buddha said that sooner or later, after a very long time, there would come a time when the world shrinks. Like many others I know of, I am finding Dhamma amazing and inspiring every inch I advance in the Path. True Aggqnna never unduly criticize other religions. Send as free online greeting card.