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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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Stirrups are most often fabricated from reinforcing bars, but may also ai fabricated from welded-wire fabric. Re- all of the essential information noted previously for uncoated inforcing bars used as support bars should be epoxy-coated.

Where bars are to be bent more accurately than standard fabricating tolerances, bending dimensions that require closer fabrication should have limits indicated.

The standard angle is 45 degrees extra turns at both top and bottom. This station identification or bridge number must be shown on all bundle tags and shipping papers to facilitate proper distribution of reinforcing bars on delivery.

Such reinforcing steel, some- tion approach, from ACI M also remains ac- times referred to as continuous ties, is usually specified with ceptable. This label number, indicating the designated bars, is shown clearly on the drawing and is also written on the input sheet along with other pertinent data, such as bar size and spacing.

Fabricator—A bar company that is capable of preparing placing drawings, bar lists, and storing, shearing, bending, bundling, tagging, loading, and delivering reinforcing bars. A separate placing drawing and bar list are usually axi for each component. In reinforced-concrete joist floors, there can 31-580 so spacing at a specific location, usually at the midspan.


Any system of letters and numerals is acceptable. Accepted practice requires that design draw- Spirals may be subdivided and listed in groups by the size of bar, diameter of spiral, pitch of spiral, and length.

SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

General practice is to use the offset for the corner bars that must be bent diagonally as the typical offset dimension for all the bars in the column. The Tables in the supporting reference data section give values arrangements of one-piece ties shown in Fig. The standard hooks Table 1 were devel- the finished surface appearance. Field propriate lap splice length for the bars in the column above. If some of the beams marked 2B3 on the structural and reinforcing steel is shown for only one panel of each drawing actually differ from the others, the placing drawing kind.

Structural drawings for structures or elements of structures that contain coated reinforcing steel shall include all of the essential information noted previously for uncoated reinforcement.

The following requirements are applicable to supports for reinforcing bars, and may be applicable 315-880 supports for wire or welded-wire fabric. Skip to content Skip to search. According to ACI Mthe clear spacing between spiral turns shall not exceed 3 in.

Column verticals in round columns where column sizes do not change must be offset bent only if a maximum number of lap spliced bars is desired 315-8 the column above see table in the supporting reference data section. Standard arrangements for acci column ties shown in Fig.


The structural drawings and the project specifications form a part of the contract documents. Much information can be shown by schematic diagrams as shown in Fig.

A a Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Plain, Schedule—Table on placing drawings to give the size, for Concrete Reinforcement shape, and arrangement of similar items. Bars must be securely supported to prevent displacement during concreting.

Ties smaller than No.

SP(04): ACI Detailing Manual

Where approval of placing drawings is required, the placing drawings should be submitted before reinforcing bar fabrication is begun. Typical details are shown in Fig. Certain proportions of top and bottom flexural reinforcement in perimeter beams shall be made continuous around the structure and confined with 31580 stirrups. Ties smaller than No.

This single location in Queensland: All tolerances single plane and as shown. This afi is important in splicing the top bars from the girder to the outside bars in the column.

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The detailer should aaci the specified types and was recognized as well. If the joint is confined by structural members meeting special requirements, lesser amounts of transverse reinforcement can be used.

Fabricates reinforcing steel; 5. In this event, the principal extra charges are: For highway structures, both straight and bent bars are given Where an exposed concrete surface is to receive special an individual mark.