The first stage of CLL for the 2x2x2 consists of and permutation) as in the Layer -By-Layer method. Then. Speedcubing Algorithms for CLL, EG-1 and EG Sune Cases. R U R’ U R U2 R’. U’ L’ U R2 U’ L U2 R’ U’ R2. R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L. U’ B’ U L2 F2 U F’. U2 F R2. Also, is it best to learn CLL one set at a time? By that I mean is it most efficient to learn the Sune algs, then Antisune, then T, and so on?.

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Forums New posts Search forums. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Welcome to the Speedsolving.

You are currently viewing our forum as a guest which gives you algirithms access to join discussions and access our other features. If you are already a member, simply login to hide this message and begin participating in the community! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Neuro Start date Jun 27, Neuro Member Jun 27, Joined Dec 23, Messages Likes I am simply a proponent and alg genner, as was the other main “creator” the method Shiv3r.

Here is a link to the HD Method Guideit includes a linked algorlthms and goes into much more detail than what’s given here.

So what is the HD Method exactly? And with the help of myself and Shiv3r, we devised this and assisted in making the algorirhms for this outstanding 2×2 method.


This method can get someone to sub-3 quite quickly and with little effort. It has 3 steps officially but it can easily be 2looked with some practice as explained in the formal guide Here they are: Similar to Ortega, the corners do NOT need to be permuted 2: NLL- While this name is somewhat inaccurate, it solves the cube in 36 algs This method is able to achieve some crazy singles and still has similar efficiency to CLL and it’s variants while having significantly less algorithms!

  BT151 650R PDF

So alvorithms us know our thoughts and if anyone has any algs the would like to give or have aalgorithms questions at all about algorighms method, please respond in the thread and we will respond as soon as possible! Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy this method!

2×2 cll algs in pdf format?

If it can’t always be one-looked not worth it. This isn’t as effecient CLL has two steps therefore it is better. To be good at 2×2 you need to learn hundred of algs. I wouldn’t use this because I can’t one look it, and It’s 2 algs every time, just too slow compared to other methods. I believe it should be noted that this is a method created for people who want to get fast with ought having to learn a stupid number of algs and is not intended to switch people from CLL.

Lack of one looking can be a disadvantage, however V and LOLS can be predicted in inspection easily as well as being able to determine your NLL set so all you have to do is identify your NLL which all are extremely easy to recognize and even know as you are finishing LOLS. I understand hesitations of the method, I hope this provides some context as to why the method was created as well as assist in the understanding of the method as a whole.

While there are officially 3 steps, it really boils down to 2 and the second step has almost instant recognition for advanced users. Thank you to everyone for there concerns and I am more than happy to discuss the method further!

Replying to next post here so it’s not spam I understand your sentiment and I will be sure to never state that one is better than the other. Only provide positives for this method and participate in intelligent discussion. I believe the methods are aproximately equal, but I understand all portions of the debate and am more than willing to discuss further! Sajwo Member Jun 27, So intermediate version of your method has as many algs as CLL. I don’t buy it, sorry. Shiv3r Member Jul 3, If you can see 1 move ahead, then you’re set.

I don’t believe this will achieve similar times though, two algs is much slower than 1 alg.


2×2 – How Should I Learn CLL? : Cubers

Sue Doenim Member Jul 7, Joined Nov 9, Messages Likes There’s another variation on this method that was kind of forgotten, but has a lot of potential. Basically, it combines steps one and two by using a Guimond style orientation algorithm at the start, and tweaking it so it ends up in an NLL cube algoritms. It has just as many algorithms and less moves. One-looking is feasible, usually, you only have to look ahead 5 or 6 moves to the NLL.

2×2 cll algs in pdf format? | SpeedSolving Puzzles Community

Here are the example solves from the original post: Last edited by a moderator: Joined Feb 14, Messages Likes And, NLLs have yet to be optimized, and the sample size was small.

Including my previous example solves, average is Aerma Member Jul 10, Which NLL set should I learn next? Also, the link to the 50 V example solves on the wiki doesn’t work. Neuro Member Jul 10, I’d recommend going to the diag swap NLL next and then just progress from there. Aerma Member Jul 11, Neuro said it would produce similar times, which I just don’t believe is true, so I don’t believe it’s useful to learn this instead of CLL, because you are just setting yourself back if you want to get fast.

Aerma Member Aug 25, Thermex Member Aug 25, I’m still learning NLLs, so maybe another couple months till I get there.

Honestly if you learn how to one-look the solve sub-3 is achievable. Sorry for double post, but I just got a 1.

Miro Member Aug 25, Joined Dec 29, Messages 33 Likes 7. Hi, thank you for very interesting method. I think in LOLS- algorithm set is error. Case 3 and 6 are the same Sledgehammer.

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