Source ACMC direct from stocking distributors and other suppliers. Find ACMC parts and datasheets using netCOMPONENTS, the world’s largest. SNVSN –JANUARY –REVISED MAY LPN/LPN Series of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators. Check for Samples: LPN. » Datasheets» Поиск ACMC. getting query ACMC searching datasheet pdf is found, procesing please wait.

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ACM datasheet, ACM datasheets, manuals for ACM electornic semiconductor part

Pulse-width modulation wikipedialookup. Voltage regulator wikipedialookup. Electrical ballast wikipedialookup. Decreasing shutdown below 0. Any dimensions in parenthesis are for reference only. Line Transient Response Figure See Typical Characteristics for line regulation versus temperature and load current. Power electronics wikipedialookup.

The junction-to-ambient thermal resistances are as follows: In order to meet different application requirements, LPN can also be used as a programmable voltage regulator, with an external resistors network; please refer to Application and Implementation for more details. Page numbers for previous revisions may differ from page numbers in the current version. Regulation is measured at constant junction temperature, using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. At lower values of output current, less output capacitance is required for stability.


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The input voltage range provides adequate headroom in order for the device to have a regulated output. Input Current Figure 4.

Additional terms may apply to the use or sale of other types of TI products and services. Also, the part may be pin-strapped for a 5-V, 3-V, or 3. Input-output voltage ranges from 40 mV to mV, depending on load current. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. Quiescent Current Figure 8.

Recovery from an output short circuit to ground condition. With an efficiency of With the bypass capacitor added, noise no longer scales with output voltage so that improvements are more dramatic at higher output voltages.

Where designed to be soldered at high temperatures, “RoHS” products are suitable for use in specified lead-free processes. Shutdown Threshold Voltage Figure Current limit is typically mA.

TI is not responsible or liable for such reproduced documentation. Surge protector wikipedialookup. Triode wikipedialookup.

Using the adjustable versions at voltages below 5 V runs the error amplifier at lower gains so that more output capacitance is needed. Ripple Rejection Figure Thank you for your participation!

Power inverter wikipedialookup. A ceramic output capacitor can be used if a series resistance is added recommended value of resistance about 0. Negative feedback wikipedialookup.


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When VIN again exceeds 5. When VIN drops below 5. Using VOUT as the pullup voltage see Figure 40rather than an external 5-V source, keeps the error flag voltage under 1. If OUT is forced below 0 V before EN goes high and the load current required exceeds the fold back current limit, the device may not start up correctly. Formed lead option available in tape and reel or ammo pack.

At input voltages below the minimum VIN requirement, the devices do not operate correctly and output voltage may not reach target value. Where TI specifically promotes products as facilitating functional safety or as compliant with industry functional safety standards, such products are intended to help enable customers to design and create their own applications that meet applicable functional safety standards and requirements.

Device is in production to support existing customers, but TI does not recommend using this part in a new design.